Separated Unto Jesus Ministries is an evangelistic, healing,speaking and Training  ministry of Jeffrey. Separated Unto Jesus Ministries was birthed out of extended seasons of consecrated prayer and fasting. In a quest to satisfy his spiritual hunger, Jeffrey isolated himself for a time of consecration and intimacy with God. While in New York Jeffrey was riding a subway to work and heard the Holy Spirit ask him how many people in that packed train would make it to heaven.  The rest of the trip was an emotional ride.  This encounter was a changing point in Jeffrey’s life and ignited his zealous life of evangelism.  Jeffrey ministered the gospel on New York subways/trains for 15 months. During this time he saw thousands come to Christ.

Separated Unto Jesus Ministries reaches across racial boundaries to win all people for the kingdom of God. Jeffrey has been surrounded by favor in the USA, Europe, and around the world to ignite spiritual hunger in churches, ministries, and regions.  He has seen thousands of people make decisions for Christ and receive healing by the power of the Holy Spirit.Our vision is to cultivate a deep lifestyle of dwelling in God’s presence and knowing him to such a degree that it overflows powerfully into our ministries to people. We want His Presence to be on everything He has called us to do.

Out of the simple enjoyment of divine intimacy, ministry is multiplied with favor and power through the quickening of the Holy Spirit. When He is lifted up, He will draw all men to Himself. We want our eyes to stay fixed on Jesus and Him alone. Yes,our desire is the nations to be our inheritance, we operate in the gifts and we want souls brought into the Kingdom. But, it all starts with fixing our eye at Jesus.
We believe in cultivating a generation to walk in the fullness of God’s power and glory. Separated Unto Jesus Ministries is helping to fulfill the great commission by spreading the saving, healing, and delivering power of Jesus Christ to all the world. We are commissioned to share the light of the gospel to every region of the earth by destroying the works of Satan and establishing kingdom authority and power through the finished works of Christ. It is by releasing God’s love to the world that we see the captives set free, the sick healed, and lives changed.

Separated Unto Jesus Ministries is committed to end time global harvest of souls through the preaching of the gospel with radical demonstrations of faith, miracles, signs, and wonders following.  We believe that through one on one evangelism,outreach, missions, and crusade evangelism one life changed can impact a nation and transform a generation.With encountering the true son of God Jesus lives are transformed into their destiny.